Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Rooting for the Yankees... like rooting for the hunter that shot Bambi's mother.

And who could want to hurt this, it's adorable...

I'm really torn -- I have a lot of friends out here in New York that are obviously cheering for the Yankees. And, honestly, I want to see them all cry. But I really could care less about the Angels, and rooting against the Yankees out of spite just seems petulant. Usually, if I don't have any strong feelings about a team I'll cheer for the one that I have the most connection to through my friends -- and to be fair, that would be the Yankees.

But I can't cheer for them. They don't need any more encouragement.

A-Rod especially. Calm down.

Jeter is a class-act but he's just so overrated at this point in his career. (Don't flip out, he's still good.) Mariano Rivera has been the definition of consistency and dominance as a closer and I don't think anyone could honestly admit they wouldn't want him locking down their 'pen. But looking up and down the rest of their roster is stomach-churning. It's like looking at the worst tools on the cast of "I Love New York."

Waiting for their pinstripes...

That being said, I should stop wishing ill and hardship on the friends of mine that are unfortunate enough to be Yankee fans. I'm going to actually try to be happy for them. I'm going to try. But I'm not going to like it.


On to happier topics! Tonight at 11PM EST, 10PM Central, I will be joining Jack Steal from Fanatic Jack Talks Twins as the co-host for his inaugural podcast. It should be a great time and there will be plenty to discuss.

Click here for the link to the podcast page on Blog Talk Radio, and if you're free around that time definitely call in with comments or questions, we'd love to hear from you!

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  1. Umm...the Evil Empire is impossible to cheer for! I will not be excited abou the World Series at all if they go there.
    And that photo of A. Rod grabbing Jeter's ass...umm...has he gone gay? Cause it looks like it!