Friday, January 29, 2010

"Twins Bloggers: Get to Know 'Em!" presents Twins MVB

Not only does this Friday bring with it another edition of Twins Bloggers: Get to Know 'Em, but it also marks the beginning of Twins Fest! Seeing as I'd never been before, I decided to rectify the situation -- so -- I've flown back from New York and will be attending all three days of Twins Fest! I'm already planning on meeting some other bloggers for the event, but feel free to drop me an e-mail if you're going to be there and want to say "hi"! In the meantime...

Today I'm proud to present John Meyer of Twins MVB! It actually took me awhile to discover John's blog, but when I did I was thoroughly enamored with it. The first few times I heard about "Twins MVB" I always thought it was some sort of award handed out by the blogging community, but when I discovered it was an actual website rich with Twins material it was like discovering a goldmine! Complete with their weekly Fan Friday (where a guest blogger does a post), his website features an always amusing intro by Kevin Slowey, it's own minor league correspondent (none other than Twins Target's Andrew Kneeland), and lots of fun contests presented via YouTube. If you aren't already part of the Twins MVB faithful, it's time you join the movement!

NAME: John T. Meyer
BIRTHDAY: August 21
HOMETOWN: Brookings, SD lived in Minneapolis for a bit and now back in South Dakota in Sioux Falls
WHAT KEEP YOU EMPLOYED OTHER THAN BLOGGING: Co-founder of a social marketing firm called 9 Clouds, Inc.
FAVORITE BOOK: right now it's Crush It
FAVORITE TYPE OF MUSIC: alternative rock
FAVORITE SPORT TO PLAY: ultimate frisbee
HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT THE VIKINGS/TIMBERWOLVES/WILD: I enjoy following the Vikings and all their drama. I try hard to be a Wolves fan, but they're just a terrible organization and I can't stand the NBA. Don't know much about the Wild, but I don't have any beef with them.

General Baseball-
WHAT MAKES BASEBALL SO GREAT TO YOU: I love the history of the game and the structure of the game itself. Every pitch is a battle within an at-bat which is part of an inning. There are nine innings in a game and 162 games in a season. You can't beat that!
IF YOU HAD TO FOLLOW ANOTHER TEAM, WHICH AND WHY: I really enjoyed the Mariners as a kid, but mainly just because of Ken Griffey Jr. I really like the San Francisco Giants franchise in the post-Barry Bonds era. I love the city of San Francisco and they have a great ballpark.
BEST EXPERIENCE AT A BALLPARK OTHER THAN THE DOME: Camden Yards is by far my favorite park, but going to the 1998 All-Star game at Coors Field will forever be a great memory.
OPINION ON INTERLEAGUE PLAY: I don't like it. I don't really even consider Twins versus Brewers much of a rivalry. I wish the World Series was the first time AL and NL teams saw each other.
OPINION ON THE UNBALANCED SCHEDULE: I like the unbalanced. You have to be able to win in your division to make the playoffs. I think it strengthens division rivalries and I appreciate that.
FAVORITE NON-TWINS PLAYER IN BASEBALL HISTORY: Ken Griffey Jr. hands down. He was my hero. No doubt he would have been the greatest if it weren't for injury, but still a great guy.
MOST HATED NON-TWINS PLAYER IN BASEBALL HISTORY: Even before the steroids I never ever liked Barry Bonds. His arrogance and disrespect for the game just bother me. I've also never really liked Chipper Jones.
DID YOU EVER PLAY BASEBALL/SOFTBALL, WHAT POSITION: I was a pretty solid little league catcher, but built up that strength. Hah, so I moved to the outfield.

Twins Generic-
WHEN DID YOU BECOME A TWINS FAN AND WHY: Since birth because my Dad was a fan. Being from South Dakota they were the closest team too. I think my first game was 6 months old.
BEST EXPERIENCE AT THE DOME: Any playoff game probably. Other highlights include Joe Mauer's first game and the final regular season game in the dome.
EVER BEEN TO TWINS FEST, HOW WAS IT: Yes, I always enjoy Twins Fest. It's a little hectic for my liking, but helps to get excited for the season in the middle of winter.
EVER BEEN TO SPRING TRAINING, HOW WAS IT: Yes, such an awesome experience. I would recommend to any Twins fan. Players are relaxed and you can actually chat with them. You can walk down the sidewalk to see all the youngsters play and then watch baseball in the hot sun. Very awesome!
HAVE YOU EVER CAUGHT A FOUL BALL OR HOME RUN AT THE DOME: Matt Lawton tossed me a ball while he was warming up back in 1997 I believe.

Twins Player Specific-
FAVORITE TWINS PLAYER IN HISTORY: I think it might be Mauer by the end of his career, but you have to go with Puckett.
FAVORITE CURRENT TWINS PLAYER: Joe Mauer. I think Denard Span is going to win a lot of fans in 2010 though.
FAVORITE OBSCURE TWINS PLAYER: Scott Stahoviak. Played 1B in the dark days of the 90's and I took my picture with him as a little chap.
ARE THERE (WERE THERE) ANY TWINS PLAYERS YOU DISLIKE: Oh definitely... Sidney Ponson, Butch Huskey, Rich Becker, Tony Batista, all those one-year veteran signings.
CURRENT PLAYER YOU'D MOST LIKE TO WATCH A GAME WITH: Kevin Slowey. He's great and would really analyze the game.
YOU'D MOST LIKE TO GO TO A BAR WITH: I think Joe Nathan seems like he'd be up for a good time.
YOU'D MOST LIKE TO BE STRANDED ON AN ISLAND WITH: Michael Cuddyer seems pretty personable. I know he does magic tricks too!
YOU'D MOST LIKE TO HAVE DINNER WITH: Joe Mauer. He's so down to Earth.
YOU'D WANT TO BE THE FRONT MAN OF YOUR NEW BAND: Jose Mijares. He'd be a great lead singer.
YOU THINK SHOULD BE A MOVIE STAR: Nick Punto. He has a flare for the dramatic.

EXPECTATIONS OF TARGET FIELD: It's going to blow people away, I truly believe this. I'm sick of the we need a retractable roof argument. Who cares... it's baseball outside where it belongs. If it's cold, just don't go. The concourses will be wide, the food will be great, and the Minneapolis summer will be greatly enjoyed. Although I do think there will be an adjustment for the team in terms of playing at Target. The homefield advantage may be void for a season.
EXPECTATIONS FOR THE TEAM NEXT YEAR: To win the division. I think given the status of the AL Central anything less would be a disappointment.

A huge thanks to John Meyer of Twins MVB! He's a great member of the Twins blogging community and I highly recommend you check out his sight regularly, you won't be disappointed! Hopefully I see you at Twins Fest, otherwise be sure to stop by next week when Phil Mackey takes the hotseat in another edition of Twins Bloggers: Get to Know 'Em!

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