Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Florida, Day 4 (Rain, Rain, Rain, Dog Track)


I was crossing my fingers that the weather report would be wrong, but I woke up to a sheet of rain outside the window and decided to avoid standing around outside at the complex today. Instead I indulged in some Macinac Island Fudge ice cream at a cute ice cream parlor in Estero, and then decided to make my way over to the Dog Track.

I hung out at the $1-2 No-Limit tables and muddled around for a few hours. The action wasn't what I'm used to in Atlantic City, and the people there stick around forever with garbage hands on horrible draws. I managed to make around $100 and then found myself staring at pocket Aces -- always a hand I'm not that thrilled to see. I raised it up enough to scare most people away, got someone to push back at me, came over the top and he called. The flop was a rag and I bet strong, he went all in, I called, and he turned over pocket queens. I had him dominated. Then he turned a queen.

I was still a chunk of change over my original buy-in and hung around until my big blind where I found myself looking at a 10-2. There wasn't much action, everybody either called or folded and it got around to me and I was able to just check my big blind. The flop came around as a 10-5-2 rainbow and I was sitting pretty. I let someone lead out, came over the top of him, and everybody else scooted out of the way. He called, and we played it kind of slow, nothing was really coming on the board. He had a 10-7 and rivered me with a 7.

Not the best day for me, but I still walked out up $20, enough to pay for my lunch. I spent a little bit more time than I wanted at the Dog Track and came out around 3PM so I went and caught a movie with my cousin. We saw The Crazies, it was pretty scary. Not bad. The thing I was happiest about was paying only $6 for a movie when I'm used to paying $12.50 in New York. Highway robbery.

We ended up having dinner at a Persian restaurant nearby and I had some amazing Spicy Apricot Chicken and a triple chocolate flourless cake with sour cherry compote. Heaven.

My brother and another cousin just flew into town tonight. I plan on going to some more spring training workouts with my brother tomorrow, the weather should be better and not as rainy. For some good baseball info, check out Seth's podcast from last night. I was one of his guests along with Mike McCardell, Chris Herrman, and Jack Steal it was a great show. He's really pulled out all the stops for his new show, including tailored intro music for his callers! If you haven't listened to it already, check it out. If you can't listen on the night of, you can always check out his archives, I listen every Wednesday morning over a cup of coffee it's the best way to start out your day listening to some great Twins conversation. Also, be sure to check out Jack's and my podcast on Wednesday night at 9PM CST, 10PM EST as I'll be joining and talking some more about spring training!

I e-mailed a little bit with the guys making the documentary following around Miguel Angel Sano. Check out their website, the movie is called Pelotero. It's still in production and they're still raising financing for more shooting and to get it through post, but there's already some clips up including a great one on Sano. I hope to have them on an interview for my website or on a podcast soon so I'll let you know how that turns out. In the meantime, they told me that I missed some great batting practice from Sano the other day, he apparently jacked 9 home runs when I wasn't there. He's something special.

Stop by tomorrow for some more photos and info from Twins camp!

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