Friday, June 18, 2010

Dick & Bert (a guest post)

My friend Alan sent me an email today I think everyone can enjoy. Alan is a New Jersey native and sometimes Yankees fan who I met in college. He started dating a Minnesota expat from White Bear Lake and consequently started to root for the Twins over the years. They live in LA now and I think his absence from the immediate Yankee media market has only increased this Minnesota Twins love of his.

Thank you Alan:

I hope that you all in Minnesota cherish that Bert Blyleven fellow. I've been watching quite a few Twins games this year, and his ability to make a smartass comment out of nowhere is unmatched in the sports announcer world.

Here's one from the game yesterday that I enjoyed so much I had to write it down. Thought you might enjoy it, too.

Dick- Giambi had an interesting theory as to why the ball doesn't carry well here.

Bert- Does it have anything to do with steroids?

Dick- No it doesn't.


Dick- Giambi said he had a couple uncles that were in the concrete contracting business

Bert- They're Italian, aren't they?

Dick- I presume. I don't know. And--

Bert- A couple concrete shoes involved in this story?

Dick- No.

Bert- Ok.

This is the end of the letter.

For more of Alan's and my exploits, you can check out our short documentary on the two competing Largest Balls of Twine in Darwin, Minnesota and Cawker City, Kansas. It's actually more interesting than you'd think.


  1. I started writing down some of the memorable conversations between Dick and Bert at the beginning of the season, but there were so many that it was hard to concentrate on the game. So I gave up.

  2. They are a source of infinite entertainment. You could probably make those dialogues into a nice coffee table book and market it!