Thursday, October 7, 2010

Something to Make You Feel Better

Sometimes as a Twins fan in New York, it can be a little tough. I remember living in Minnesota and finding the stray Yankee fans out there and being immediately turned off by their obnoxious arrogance -- out here it's really no different except YOU are suddenly the stray.

The one thing to take solace in is that the majority of people around the world are on our side, even if I can't see them. And when you do find a couple other like-minded, sane, rational, down-to-earth people out here in New York who ALSO happen to despise the Yankees, there's an immediate bonding. Regardless of if it's a Red Sox fan, Mets fan, or anyone else.

I found a few of those at the bar last night, and I also thankfully had a cadre of Twins fans with me, although they all seemed to wander home after the 7th inning.

Anyway, I don't know about you, but I need a pick-me up this morning. And there's no better way to accomplish that than to make fun of the Yankees a little:

Jeter -- this is just completely inappropriate behavior on the field.

Focus on the game A-Rod! The game!

Dammit, I said focus on THE GAME!

I see vanity doesn't plague A-Rod alone. This picture makes me throw up a little.

I should be rocking one of these shirts more often...

Glad to know I'm on the Lord's side!

Lack of taste doesn't only extend to their choice in sports teams...

My wishes for their franchise. In pictoral form.


  1. nice pics and nice post! i hate the damn yankees. ugh. i have little of a voice today and am so tired. wish it would have been a sweet victory to go along with my ailments today.
    rockin' the viva la stache today in hopes of a win!

  2. You assume when you say "Twin Cities" people know to where you're referring. get over it twinks. WE OWN YOU.
    one day you twinks will be champs. but not in my life time! :)

  3. Stay strong, my friend...stay strong!!

  4. Topper,

    The team needs to make serious changes if they want to get past the Yankees. It all starts with the manager which won't happen because the Pohlad family loves him. You told me Mediocrity is unacceptable this season. Do you now agree with me that the Ron Gardenhire ERA has to come to an end? Check out the numbers on my blog.