Monday, February 22, 2010

Tips of the Hat & Get to Know Me

First off, I'm really thrilled with how many people helped out with my offseason series, "Twins Bloggers: Get to Know 'Em". Not only did it always provide me with something to post but it helped me (and hopefully you) get to know some of our favorite bloggers a little better -- they're not just great writers and analysts but great fans too.

That being said, there are so many people I didn't get to. If you have a Twins blog and you want to help out, please e-mail me at, or leave a comment. The WGOM, Hitting the Eephus, NoDak Twins Fan, Call to the Pen, Travis Aune, 10 Scoreless, Oh It's THOSE Girls, Lipgloss & Baseball, and so many more are out there. If there's enough interest from them and from people reading these then I think I'll intermittently post special Get to Know 'Ems down the line. But in terms of the regular entries over the offseason those are done. Although I've caved to peer pressure and will subject myself to answering my own questions...

NAME: Topper Anton
BIRTHDAY: January 3rd
HOMETOWN: Bloomington, MN -- but I'm stuck in Manhattan for the time being...
WHAT KEEPS YOU EMPLOYED OTHER THAN BLOGGING: Film and television production. Currently I work as a visual effects producer on TV commercials.
FAVORITE FOOD: Brunch. Although whenever I'm in town I stop by Cossetta's because nothing beats that.
FAVORITE MOVIE: Depending on the day it's Amelie, Saving Private Ryan, or This is Spinal Tap
FAVORITE BOOK: A Year in Provence
FAVORITE TYPE OF MUSIC: Wilco and Dylan are the go-tos. But I stream 89.3 the Current online at work because nothing I've heard out here comes close to being that good of a station.
FAVORITE SPORT TO PLAY: Does poker count? Baseball.
HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT THE VIKINGS/TIMBERWOLVES/WILD: Love the Vikings, I go to Bar None all the time to support the team with fellow expats stuck out here. I'm a KG fan, maybe I'll become a Timberwolves fan again someday but that's a little ways off. I'll cheer for the Wild but hockey isn't my sport.

General Baseball-
WHAT MAKES BASEBALL SO GREAT TO YOU: The history, the nostalgia, the feeling that I've watched it all my life and it's always new. Watching it in the sunshine, listening to it on the radio, the crack of a bat, the sound of a homerun call. Ken Burns.
IF YOU HAD TO FOLLOW ANOTHER TEAM, WHICH AND WHY: I've always been partial towards the Cubs. I used to watch all the WGN games at home and Andre Dawson and Mark Grace were just awesome. Plus I love blue.
BEST EXPERIENCE AT A BALLPARK OTHER THAN THE DOME: Personally I loved Frontier Field in Rochester watching the Red Wings. Just being so close the game and people not being there for any star players or to be seen or anything but just because they loved baseball was an awesome experience. I'd say Yankee Stadium but I'm always harassed out there in my Twins apparel.
OPINION ON INTERLEAGUE PLAY: I'm torn. It's a fun breather in the middle of the season but I do think the All-Star Game and World Series lose a little luster because of it.
OPINION ON THE UNBALANCED SCHEDULE: Completely justified. We need to win within our division and that means beating up on the White Sox as much as humanly possible.
FAVORITE NON-TWINS PLAYER IN BASEBALL HISTORY: Dante Bichette. What an awesome name.
DID YOU EVER PLAY BASEBALL/SOFTBALL, WHAT POSITION: I was a left-handed pitcher with a funky delivery and a nice slider but not enough height or velocity to go anywhere so that's that.

Twins Generic-
WHEN DID YOU BECOME A TWINS FAN AND WHY: I grew up watching the '87 and '91 series as a kid and staying up watching baseball with my Mom and Dad was awesome. I kept thinking I'd be out there someday.
BEST EXPERIENCE AT THE DOME: Honestly I was too young to be there during the World Series years and since the Twins in the 2000's I've been in New York. I did happen to be back for a Kubel walk-off against the Tigers which was pretty awesome.
EVER BEEN TO TWINS FEST, HOW WAS IT: Went for the first time this past year, flew back specifically for it. It's a lot of waiting in lines, but the vibe and the hum of baseball is such a welcome feeling, and it was a great chance to meet up with some of my fellow bloggers and say hi.
EVER BEEN TO SPRING TRAINING, HOW WAS IT: I went last year for the first time and am planning a trip this year as well. It's amazing. I want to go every year. The players are so accessible and laid-back and leaving the cold and snow to go watch baseball in the sun and palm trees is just awesome. And when you're at the complex on an off day strolling around you can randomly run into Killebrew or Blyleven and have a conversation with them and there's nothing like that.

Twins Player Specific-
FAVORITE TWINS PLAYER IN HISTORY: Rick Aguilera. I'd say Puckett but I'd be lying. Rick was my boyhood hero.
FAVORITE EXPERIENCE MEETING A PLAYER, PLEASE DESCRIBE: Ok, so when I was 9 or 10 I had a neighborhood newspaper that I used to publish to about 300 households in my neighborhood. It was an early business venture. And I had it in my mind that I wanted to interview Rick Aguilera (because I loved him and figured everyone would want to read about him). My Dad found Carl Pohlad's number and called him asking if I could come interview Rick Aguilera for my neighborhood paper and Mr. Pohlad put him in contact with some PR people who invited us there. The Twins were playing the Rangers and I got a press pass to go down on the field, watched Palmeiro take batting practice, and then they took me into the clubhouse pregame to meet Rick. I was just in shock, not prepared for it at all. It didn't help as they sat me down at Rick's locker that Kirby Puckett was standing around in what appeared to be an autographed jock strap asking "Who's that kid? Kid, you're not gonna interview me?" Rick was just the most down-to-earth nicest person and took the time to answer my silly questions and then he took a ball from the clubhouse and signed it for me. I still have it on my Twins mantle, he will always be my hero. I was devastated when they traded him to Boston shortly after that. I swore off the Twins and cried and couldn't take it.
CURRENT PLAYER YOU'D MOST LIKE TO WATCH A GAME WITH: Pat Neshek. He just seems like he's such a great fan of the game I bet he'd be a blast to watch one with.
YOU'D MOST LIKE TO GO TO A BAR WITH: Jon Rauch. I bet he has some great bar stories once you get a few in him.
YOU'D MOST LIKE TO BE STRANDED ON AN ISLAND WITH: Nick Punto. I think he could climb trees to get coconuts or something. And if he were stuck on the island he wouldn't be playing third this year.
YOU'D MOST LIKE TO HAVE DINNER WITH: Joe Nathan. I have an affinity to closers. I'd like to pick his brain.
YOU'D WANT TO BE THE FRONT MAN OF YOUR NEW BAND: Trevor Plouffe. He's pretty talented already and they'd be carrying a deadweight musician like me, so...
YOU THINK SHOULD BE A MOVIE STAR: Denard Span. He's got the personality and charisma for it.
YOU'D ASK FOR HELP ON A SCIENCE LAB: Kevin Slowey. He just looks so damn smart.
YOU'D LIKE TO START A BUSINESS WITH: Michael Cuddyer. I think he could sell anything he tried.

EXPECTATIONS OF TARGET FIELD: I think it's going to be very hitter-friendly and we'll have somewhat of an adjustment period, but outdoor baseball during the beautiful months are going to be spectacular there.
EXPECTATIONS FOR THE TEAM NEXT YEAR: Anything less than winning the AL Central would be a disappointment with the team we've built. We should be competitive in the postseason, enough to hopefully win the World Series I hope.

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  1. Good series Topper! I've enjoyed these and was glad to be a part of it too. :)
    Yay for baseball season starting up again!!

  2. Cool idea! Glad to see some of my fave bloggers included here.

  3. Good Job Topper,

    It was fun to be a part of it and am looking forward to the future get-to-know ems'