Sunday, February 19, 2012

A Baseball Sonnet

Sticking with the running theme of celebrating pitchers & catchers reporting -- a Shakespearian sonnet:

The grassy fields of Hammond Stadium
Are live this morn with sound of bat and glove.
Walkways and bleachers filled with fandom's hum
As sunlight and hope stream from skies above.
Mauer stretches and tests an achy knee,
While Cisco winds and loosens up his arm,
And Revere runs the fields smiling with glee
As prospects show early to prep for the farm.
The spring is here and summer can't be far.
Soon mascots, organs and anthems will sing.
Fans will fill stadiums, their couch and bar,
To see teams begins the quest for a ring.
We get seven months before sign of fall,
It's time to enjoy the beauty of ball.