Monday, November 30, 2009


Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! I went out to Blairstown, New Jersey over by the Delaware Water Gap and had a great time concentrating on turkey and football. I've never been much of a hunter, but the people I was celebrating with certainly were: somehow I avoided having to test out one of their new gadgets -- I know I would have hurt myself.

Let me do a quick wrap-up to get your Monday started out right:

*Do you trust the Chicago Tribune as your source for Minnesota sports rumblings? I know I do. If you're of the same opinion, maybe we can take comfort that apparently things are "heating up" on the Joe Mauer contract situation. (Try to make it past the creepy Bud Selig picture at the beginning of the article. They don't talk about Joe until a little further down...)

*There is a Vikings bar in Manhattan, FYI. And even I feel intimidated going there because some of the people there are craaaazzzzyyy. But it's an awesome home away from home during big games. And a whole bar in the middle of the East Village singing Skol Vikings after every touchdown and randomly breaking out into chants of "10-AND-1" is a fun way to spend your Sunday afternoon in New York. Yes, this it, trust me, it's much crazier than this picture appears:

Bar None, New York, NY. (3rd Ave and 12th street.)

*When I was in high school and then when I went to college for film school, I used to see every movie almost as soon as it would hit the theaters. Now that I actually have responsibilities and a life it's somewhat tougher, and I'm trying to do my best to keep on top of things. So, forgive me for just finally getting around to seeing this movie, and if you haven't yet, do yourself a favor and go rent it right away:

Sugar is an amazing movie that will really give you an eye opening look into the Latin American baseball world. It's about a promising prospect from the Dominican Republic and his struggles to make it to the U.S. and adapt to playing minor league ball in a really different environment. You'll also have a whole new appreciation when speaking about minor leaguers after seeing the struggles and pressure they deal with. (Plus, the main character's name is Miguel Santos, which sounds kind of like Miguel Sano...)

*Speaking of Miguel Angel Sano, he is now called Miguel Jean. Just make a note.

*No Josh Johnson trade. Ugh. Thanks for getting my hopes up rumor mill.

That's all for now! Be sure to check back later this week -- I'll have a real article for you all (finally!), I'll be appearing on Jack Steal's podcast this Wednesday (no reception last week in rural NJ), and I'll be profiling Andrew Bryz-Gornia of We Are Off the Mark on Friday!


  1. 1. Why is that new gadget being demonstrated at night? I'm assuming those weren't the people you spent Thanksgiving with, but still, it seems like it would make more sense to show it off in daylight.

    2. I've really been getting annoyed with Phil Rogers lately. I suppose his job does require him to report on all 30 teams, but it seems like MLBTR reports more Twins news from him than they do from La Velle E. Neal III and Joe Christensen.

    3. Can't wait to see my answers on Friday!

  2. 1. No, those weren't the people I spent Thanksgiving with. They demonstrated it during the daytime. With beer.

    2. I've seen them reference Joe C and LEN3 on MLBTR occasionally, but you're right a lot of the Twins info on there comes from outside sources recently. (Though I have seen Seth and Josh Johnson make the page...)

    3. Thanks for the answers, I'll send you an e-mail once they're up!

  3. Oh, I definitely see Joe C. and LEN3 every now and then (I do agree with the occasional Seth post as well) but sometimes MLBTR makes it seem like the national guys know more about the Twins than the Strib's own Twins beat writers.