Monday, April 26, 2010

E:60 Mauer Special Tonight

I pick on ESPN a little bit sometimes, perhaps unfairly, perhaps fairly.

Yes, Jon Miller, I'm looking at you.

But it's all in fun. Because any sports network is going to have their faults (especially the YES network), but the key thing is that ESPN happens to have many pluses that some of us cynics tend to take for granted. Example?

E:60 is one of the best regular sporting news featurette shows that I've ever seen. Combing the world of sports for interesting, inspiring, or scandalous stories they make an excellent weekly hour-long program -- and this week is certainly no exception.

Seeing as I'm now some sort of pre-eminent blogger (I'll excuse you while you laugh too), I've been fortunate enough to receive some sort of press release from said ESPN which I'd like to pass on to all of you...

...wait for it

E:60 has a special Joe Freakin' Mauer!!!!!! segment airing tonight at 7PM EST/6PM CST! And we all know how much we love Joe Mauer. How much we just want to bask in his presence. Every girl wants to date him and every guy wants to be his best friend and the rest of us really could care less which we get to do as long as it involves spending time with him.

Anyway, a press release wouldn't really be a press release without some sort of teaser. You can watch a video clip of the show here (click on the middle video with the picture of Joe's mom on the front). My favorite part is when Jake Mauer Sr. talks about walking into a Target with him and everyone trying to rip Joe's clothes off. Yeah, Joe, now you can finally empathize with what it's like for me to walk down Broadway at 1AM.

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