Monday, April 12, 2010

Thanks for the Day Games (and making fun of Waldman/Sterling)

I hope all my friends had fun at Target Field! I made a point to step out of meetings and hang up on phone calls and everything I could to watch that game on ESPN in the living room at work. I caught the first inning, some great catches by Span, 2 Mauer doubles, and a Kubel homerun crushed into the right field porch, as well as the 5th Rauch save (and first at Target Field).

I'm sure the day games are beautiful, and I can't wait to go to my first one -- but I love how baseball makes you rethink your priorities. "Hmm, work vs. Twins home opener..." It's an easy choice for me and apparently the 40,000 people who packed Target Field today to see the first regular season game at their new stadium.

One thing: I was stuck watching this on ESPN. I really hate watching my home team on the Eastern Sports Package Network (warning, not what ESPN really stands for). Despite the fact that the announcers weren't quite as awful as they could be for a Twins game, I just wish I could've seen the festivities and blind homerism of Dick & Bert that FSN North probably offered to everyone today.

It's really easy to make fun of the Minnesota Twins play-calling duo, but you really don't know the half of what it's like to live with awful commentators.

Suzyn Waldman ladies and gentlemen...

Even John Gordon is better than what you get out here.

This is the cleanest rip of John Sterling I can find ... if you don't mind extreme foul language, you can hear more dissection of his call by clicking here...

So please, understand that while you might like to mute your TV and turn down your radio, I want to stick forks in my ears. Yeah, even the most loyal Yankees fans hate these announcers with a passion. If you couldn't get enough Suzy Waldman above:

Note: also a knock against Nick Swisher

This is all for tonight. I hope this helps you appreciate Dick, Bert, Joe Morgan, Jon Miller and every other guy you hear calling a game...


  1. ESPN had me grinding my teeth relentlessly. If I had a choice between Skip Caray and anyone on ESPN, I'd stab my eardrums so I couldn't hear the broadcast.

  2. I, too, am forced to watch ESPN. I watch games on mute.