Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Things I Learned After 1 Game

I try not to make it a habit to judge a team after 1 game. I also try not to make it a habit of judging a team too harshly the first 2-3 weeks of a season. But let's face it, we saw what we needed to see and the Twins are going to have an awful season:

1) Baker is a bum. Can't pitch his way out of a paper bag. Opening Day starter? Let's send him back to AAA to get some work in and call up Perkins.

2) Lookin' like we're gonna regret that Joe Mauer contract. Guy can't get a hit to save his life. He's currently batting .000, so I think you can let go of the hopes he'll hit .400, much less anything above the Mendoza line.

3) Delmon Young IS THE REAL DEAL. Talk about the only source of offense on our team. I can't believe why everyone's been bashing him! If you guys look back on the last 9 innings he's played, I think that's a pretty strong case...

4) Gardy has a man-crush on Harris. He won't even let this Punto guy finish out a game at 3rd.

5) The Angels are going to win the World Series. They're just too good. We shouldn't even trot out a team tonight, might as well save our energy and our efforts for the White Sox.

6) Let's trade Mijares.


OK, maybe I'm exaggerating a little bit. But I'll admit, Baker did kind of ruin my plans of going 162-0 so I was a little peeved about that. I'll get over it, but that wasn't the best outing.

How about Jesse Crain? He held down the fort for a little bit. He didn't look nervous or overmatched or out of his element on the mound. I'd like to see some more performances like that!

I think the one thing I really learned is that the Mauer contract situation definitely isn't over yet. We'll be hearing about it every time the Twins play a game on ESPN, and I'll be hearing it every time I watch a game because I'm usually stuck with the out of market stuff on the MLB Extra Innings package. It gets kind of annoying listening to all the other announcers say the same things about your team over and over again like it's new material.

Anyway, now on to the quest of 161-1!


  1. Topper, I know what you mean about getting out-of-town announcers, a couple years ago I watched all the games on mlb.tv and while I did find it interesting to get some variety in announcers, the repetition and the handful of awful announcers (Hawk Harrelson makes me want to pull my hair out) is painful. Thankfully, mlb.tv offers either broadcast now, so I get Bert and Dick most of the time.

  2. Hawk Harrelson is the WORST. "He Gone!" and "You can put it on the BOOOARRRDD!!" are the most annoying calls in history

  3. You started sounding like your partner in blogspotradio crime here :)

  4. Hawk Harrelson is definitely the worst. Bad news when even White Sox fans hate you (I.E. http://www.heavethehawk.com/)...

    And on the up side of having to listen to away announcers, every time a new team comes to town you'll get to hear them gush about how beautiful Target Field is. I dunno--I don't think that recognition [envy?] could ever get old. (And if you have MLB extra innings you could do what I wish I could--watch Dogers games just to hear Vin. God I miss having that.)

    Too bad you missed the Bert & Dick broadcast for the opener. There was no discussion on Mauer's contract that I heard. There was, however, discussion about Jacque Jones' recent conversations with Torii Hunter about Jacque's experience at Target Field (which was, btw, one of the coolest things I've ever seen, and something I will love and remember for the rest of my life); and of course, EXTENDED discussion about Bert's birthday, which is, of course, today.

    Unfortunately, I do not have cable. But Gladan and Gordon, of course, also discussed Bert's Birthday.