Sunday, August 16, 2009

Thawing Out East

This might be more of an attempt to ignore the fading season of the Minnesota Twins -- one that can only be described as an utter disappointment -- than an actual attempt to start blogging, but regardless I'd like to add my voice to our amazing community of Twins bloggers.

I don't think I could ever compare to the great bloggers like Aaron Gleeman, Seth Stohs, Nick Nelson, John Bonnes, Josh Johnson and Parker Hageman, or even the more recent additions of Jack Steal, Andrew Kneeland and Thrylos, but I'm going to try to supplement our ever growing blog universe with a voice from a die-hard Twins fan living in the heart of the Evil Empire (New York City), where I'm surrounded by Yankees and Red Sox fans who show little respect -- and lots of contempt -- for our beloved hometeam.

So this is my outlet to reach back to everyone back home, who hopefully love our boys as much as I do.

Anyway, bear with me as I get started -- and to distract me from such a bad season I might focus a little bit on the Vikings, Timberwolves, poker and some other subjects sporadically as well, but this is by all accounts a Twins blog.

I haven't quite given up on this season yet, but I'm going to start by looking at the forecast for next season, not just for the Twins but for all of our AL Central teams as well. I'm going to start with the Tigers, so check back for that post where I'll break down their team and the outlook for next season.


  1. I know what you mean by living in the Evil Empire. Having lived in Chicago I got my fair share of jeers from the White Sox crowd.

    Keep us posted! I like where the blog is headed (as opposed to the current Twins season).

  2. That's ok Topper, I'll read it so long as it's better than the Neighborhood News....