Friday, August 28, 2009

Quick Update: Bullpen NOOOOOO

Alright, I'm about to head off to Atlantic City, so I won't be around to hear the fallout from this, but, meet your two new bullpen members:

Ron Mahay, LHP 4.79 ERA, 1.79 WHIP ('09)

The Twins acquired Ron Mahay from the Royals for, well, basically nothing. Which is about what Mahay's worth. The one upside is that he's another lefty who at least knows how to throw a something towards a plate, but his chance of having a real impact is almost next to nothing. It's basically change for the sake of change. He's had a couple better years previously, but to bank on Mahay suddenly finding his own groove with only a month to go is a long shot. At least we didn't give up too much but he's not an answer.

Jon Rauch RHP, 4.14 ERA, 1.36 WHIP ('09)

So these aren't bad numbers per se, and he'll probably be an upgrade over Keppel, Humber, Manship, etc. But he's no 8th inning guy. His numbers are also a little high for his career this year, so maybe he's just had some bad luck. At least we probably won't cringe every time he takes the mound, I just wonder who the "player to be named later" is. It looks as if we'll be seeing Rauch next year as I seem to remember reading somewhere that he's signed for another year. Unfortunately I think by that time he'll kind of be dead weight in a stellar bullpen, but for now he shouldn't be too bad. Let's just hope they haven't given up on Penny.

OK, I'm off for the weekend for real this time. Make sure to check out my Target Field post earlier, and there's some good stuff about Jon Rauch on The Tenth Inning Stretch, and Seth Stohs also talks about both acquisitions, so I'd check out their sites, both are definitely worth a read.

Also, if seeing Betsy's pictures of Target Field the other day on her site made you want more, Nick Nelson's got a post up as well. Have a great weekend and "Go Twins!"

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