Monday, August 31, 2009

Game 131: Where the Twins Do Everything Right

Maybe it's just a mostly forgettable season, but I can't think of the last game when this team has played such solid baseball.

Nick Blackburn's starting pitching? Fantastic. Reminiscent of his beautiful start in Game 163 last year.

Relief pitching? Not even Joe Nathan gave me anything to sweat about! Maybe he listened to us bloggers?

Our defense? Beautiful. I can only imagine being a White Sox fan and worrying about every single ground ball being a hit with how dreadful their defense has been all year. We're blessed.

Our line-up? Well, how can you complain when you've got Joe Mauer and Jason Kubel teeing off like it's BP?

OK, so I can't write a real post since I have to go to bed in time to wake up for an early early flight to Minnesota to watch Jeff Manship make his major league debut (instead of Rich Harden; I guess you win, Betsy and Katie). 

But please, if you're looking for extremely fun reading ... take today to expand your horizons beyond the Twins blogosphere. Indulge yourself in a guilty pleasure that I like to partake. The comment section of the in-game thread from the South Side Sox website during last night's game. It's a good way to witness other fans go to through the dismay, pain, and fear that we've seen in our tenure as Twins fans. 

He may be the President, but when's he gonna pick a better team?

I'll have more tomorrow after I go to the game!

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  1. It was a great game. Have a safe trip to Minneapolis. Hopefully you bring Manship and the Twins some good luck!