Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Playin' Toronto? Ya Sure.

Dead Blue Jay = Symbol of finally beating Toronto for once in the past decade. (Slight exaggeration).

Let me just say that I had a great week in Minnesota, and that I'm never again going to schedule a flight back to New York that arrives at 11PM EST -- taking the Air Train/Subway from JFK back to the Upper East Side is ridiculous even when the trains are actually running.

So since I'm going to be especially behind on work tomorrow I need to get in early; hence, I probably won't be posting anything meaningful until late tomorrow night.

Thanks to my family for having me around and taking me out while I was in town; thanks to Jay for baseball tickets and accompanying me to the games; thanks to Betsy and Katie for watching a couple games with me and hanging out; thanks to the Twins for winning once when I was in attendance; and thanks to my old high school friends for the cigars, warm beer, and going to the State Fair.

Back with more tomorrow sometime!

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