Friday, September 4, 2009

Rubio? We don't need no stinkin' Rubio!

I'm sorry, but I'm not a teenage girl, so I can't really be that in love with Spanish basketball sensation Ricky Rubio (although man, that name is fun to say).

Awesome, he led his Spanish Olympic basketball team to an exhilarating loss to the U.S. and he was all set to make his splash as the flashy young heart-throb point guard in NBA this year -- but wait, no one wanted to take a chance on him because they were worried he didn't want to play there (Memphis), or that he wouldn't really be a good building block for their team (Sacramento), so Minnesota snatched him a little lower than he wanted to go and Rubio did his best Matt Leinart impression as everyone took his picture holding up Timberwolves apparel.

Sorry your dream didn't go the way you wanted, kid. Welcome to the real world. This whole song and dance he and David Kahn have done this offseason has been almost as bad as other Minnesota stars (Brett Favre, I'm looking at you).

But despite the text from my friend, Boston Dan, telling me that Ricky Rubio was backslapping my team to stay in Spain for a couple of years, I can't help but not care. Really, I don't care

Have you seen how bad the Minnesota Timberwolves have been lately? I haven't, thankfully, because I didn't renew my NBA League Pass subscription since they were just as horrible the year before! I never thought for one minute that Rubio would change things -- again, I'm not a teenage girl so I wouldn't be tuning in to games just to swoon at his pretty Spanish face.

I'm going to announce again that I live in New York. And I happen to frequent a bar in the city that is occupied by some die-hard Syracuse fans. And all last season they were so happy about their team because of one special player -- one who now happens to be on the Minnesota Timberwolves: Johnny Flynn. Can I be honest and say that I was more excited to see the Timberwolves take Johnny Flynn than I was to see them snag Rubio?

Please, tell me you saw this game:

That was easily one of the most exciting games I ever watched, and I'm not even a Syracuse fan! Flynn has more maturity and experience and drive than Rubio can imagine, and maybe 2 years from now when Rubio realizes that he's not going to get his dream of playing in New York or Miami right away, he'll settle for his rightful role as Flynn's understudy on the arctic Timberwolves team.

Tomorrow: Back to baseball.

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