Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Rejoice! I say again, rejoice!

Let me just say, yes, that was an awesome game to be at. I think my timing was right for coming back to Minnesota, it's already been a success (and I haven't even eaten the cheese curds at the fair yet).

I would like to give a huge thank you to two of my favorite Twins bloggers and two of the best Twins fans I'll meet, Katie of KC's Baseball Blog, and Betsy of For the Love of the Game, as both of them met me before the game and showed me their slightly-less-than-legal way of viewing Target Field (which amounts to scaling a wall in a parking garage and then being blown away by the beautiful future of outdoor baseball in Minnesota). My lack of a camera prevents me from posting this view, but I think Betsy might have us covered so check out her site! And for the record, it's probably a good thing we didn't jinx anything with "Sweep the Sox". Also, Katie apparently wears lucky jerseys, as Cuddyer had quite a night and she was representing him -- I vote we all pitch in to buy her a jersey for every player which she can then wear at the appropriate time.

I'd also like to give another huge thank you to Jay for taking me to the game with his friend's season tickets and putting up with me rambling on about SABR even though I'm sure he just wanted to punch me -- and no, Jay, I still think Punto and Cabrera are dreadful and I'd rather them be replaced.

Thanks also need to go out to Jose Morales, we all know why. 

As much as I love Redmond, I really think Morales needs to be our back-up to Mauer. If Redmond retires anytime soon, I'm sure there will be a position in Twins management open to him and I know everyone would love to have him within the organization.

Lastly, Tim Laudner, if you're reading this, you're great. 1987 World Series team: awesome, and Don Baylor was totally safe, you knocked him in during Game 7, umps know nothing.

I'm going to enjoy the game from the first row tomorrow, and I'll use my proximity to third base to get into Gordon Beckham's head. For now, check out some more White Sox whining from this last game, and I'll leave you with an Ozzie Guillen inspirational poster I found while scrolling around online:


  1. Thank you :) It was nice getting to meet you too!

    I have two other position players and a pitcher, but the funny thing is, my Cuddyer shirt is the only one that seems to work like it did tonight, lol

  2. It was great catching the game with you! I wish we could've had better luck today though. UGH. And, for the record.... I TOLD you Nathan is overrated!! (j/k) ;-)